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DasCoin now trading on cryptocurrency exchanges

DasCoin  a store of value within Das ecosystem, is now publicly trading on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

“Public trading is a significant milestone in the DasCoin story, and listing on these initial exchanges is a testament to the interest in our unique blockchain solutions model,” DasCoin CEO Michael Mathias said. “It fulfils the promise of a huge amount of work by DasCoin and continues to build upon the launch of our proprietary blockchain in March last year.

“We are pleased to be partnering with three exchanges, some established and other new innovative market entrants as we continue on this journey. We look forward to announcing many more as we continue to expand our blockchain alliance.”

DasCoin began trading on the following exchanges Apr. 27:

European Blockchain Exchange (EUBX)

BTC Alpha


DasCoin also launched its Technical White Paper which can be downloaded here.

More than 750 million DasCoin have already been minted since the blockchain launched March 2017.

Members of the NetLeaders community purchase licenses giving them access to a certain number of Cycles – units of capacity – on the blockchain. These Cycles can either be used for a variety of services or submitted to the DasCoin Minting Queue and converted into DasCoin. There will be a total maximum volume of 8.589 billion DasCoin.

DasCoin technology based upon BitShares’ distributed ledger technology, known as Graphene. BitShares is one of the longest ledgers in existence and is one of the highest performing ledgers with capacity exceeding 100,000 transactions per second.

On April 1, DasCoin released its codebase onto Github to ensure that every bit of information in its blockchain can be shared or queried, making DasCoin’s blockchain transparent.

DasCoins are not mined like Bitcoin and other proof-of-work coins. The minting process results in a significant reduction in energy consumption, and a more equitable distribution of value.

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