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FutureAdPro Review: An Unbiased Look Into This Program

Future Ad Pro was launched by Stephan Morgenstern, the same person responsible for FutureNet Club which is one of those advertising revenue share platforms. The compensation plan provides fairly limited information about the details of this but it is pretty self explanatory overall- invest in ad packs and get a return on investment.
In order to earn anything from adpacks or recruiting you must view 10 ads per day inside the platform. This means viewing about 5 minutes worth of mind numbingly boring advertisements in the biz op space, cool!

It’s normally possible to purchase your way out of this requirement but I can’t see that option in the members area. Whatever, if you want to make money with this then that’s the least of your concern. Just don’t buy anymore ‘shiny objects’ you see in the ads along the way and you’ll be sweet!

Ad Pack Investments Explained

The main idea is to purchase an ad pack for $50 and wait for it to mature at $60 within an unknown period of time. There’s no way of knowing how long it is going to take for your ad pack to mature which is a bit of a worry. If you do this I don’t recommend purchasing more than 1 ad pack starting out so you can see how things go.
There are various ‘levels’ you can buy in at that unlock certain earning capabilities and ad pack purchasing quantities:

The higher level you buy in at, the more money you can make.
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Referring People

This operates on a unilevel downline model whereby you can refer unlimited numbers on each level, 5 levels deep. When you refer someone directly you will get paid based on the ad packs they buy themselves. You also get paid on their referrals, and your referrals’ referrals down 5 levels deep. The commissions are based on whatever they buy.
Example 1: You are at the IV position and recruit Steve who buys 3 ad packs for $150. You make a $10.50 commission (7% of $150).
Example 2: You are at the IV position and your direct referral, Steve, recruits Jenny who purchases 1 ad pack for $50. You earn a $1.50 commission (3% of $50).
It is unclear if you make commissions based off the newly purchased status positions themselves or not. Again, the compensation plan is very vague. The higher your position is the bigger the percentages paid to you from their activity:

If you buy in at the III position you’ll get a landing page system to be able to promote with which is essential for the kind of traffic and system you’ll be using to build your business.      Register here

The Advertising Products

Each ad pack purchase gives you 800 ad credits to use within their platform, with the ads being shown primarily to other members. The traffic you are going to get is pretty low quality in my opinion so don’t expect too much. You will be able to use it to promote another biz op style offer to some degree though.

Building Your Future Ad Pro Organisation

In order to succeed at this there is really only 2 things you need to do- continue re-investing in lots of ad packs and refer boat loads of people to do the same. The first one’s easy but referring is the challenge and one the company is not really equipping people for in my opinion.
You need traffic, plain and simple. Traffic exchanges, solo ads and all the other low grade methods these kinds of platforms teach aren’t the best approach. It might be cheap, but it’s cheap for a reason.

Career Building

This is just a few bonuses they offer people that reach a certain ‘rank’ out of six possible ranks. To achieve these you’ll need x amount of ad packs and x amount of referrals in your downline. They are offering the following bonuses to the top three ranks:
  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Holiday

<>How Much Money Can You Make?
Each $50 ad pack pays you $60 which means you make $10 profit out of each pack, or a 120% ROI. The company automatically withholds 5% out of all withdrawals to go back into your advertising account. You can use this account to buy advertising or purchase status positions.

In addition to this, the company withholds another 5% to go into your Future Net account to allow you to buy more matrix positions. It seems as though this happens whether you like it or not. If the company automatically scoops up 10% of all withdrawals then your real ROI is actually 10%. Of course, those re-investments can make you money in the future as they build up but it is going to require a lot of re-investing over a sustained period of time.

The Inherent Risk

These kinds of platforms operate in a very similar manner to a ponzi scheme in which existing investors are paid with the revenue from new investors, meaning there’s no revenue being gained through retail product sales. Ponzi’s become an issue down the track when recruiting inevitably slows down.
In order for anything like this to last and be a good longterm strategy, there needs to be a strong product behind it. I’ll leave it up to you to decide how it weighs up in that department.

What I Liked

  • If you can drive lots of targeted and cost effective traffic then you can make money

What I Didn’t Like

  • No marketable products or services outside of members advertising to other members
  • I’m personally not a fan of the traffic methods
  • Limited information in the compensation plan
  • No information or indication given as to when the ad packs will mature

Final Thoughts

You can definitely make money with a platform like this if you are willing to invest and then keep on re-investing your profits over time. I personally think it carries a pretty heavy amount of risk in the long term but as long as you keep your purchases small then it’s not a huge deal right? In order to make money referring others you really need to be driving a solid amount of traffic and the methods they give you are only shown to other members which means that won’t help you build this business.

If you join both platforms these guys are running you may be able to bring your referrals from one over to the other though so this might help you and be an ok strategy. Either way, it’s not my first choice for an online business and I do think there are better options but whatever you decide, at least you have a better idea on what to expect.
It's true... most people fail to make money online. Despite the wealth of opportunity that currently exists, there's a mountain of misinformation and bunk programs out there. 

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