Bithumb experiences another major hack, 3M of EOS & 20M of XRP lost

Bithumb sees another hack on their EOS and XRP wallets, hackers can be seen liquidating the stolen funds through a crypto swap platform that doesn't have KYC procedures, 
Bithumb experiences another major hack, 3M of EOS & 20M of XRP lost
The news was brought to the social media by crypto figure and influencer, Dovey Wan. “Bithumb is being hacked, at its EOS cold storage level! Over 3 million EOS has been transferred out,” she tweeted without any details provided.

Bithumb is being hacked, at its EOS cold storage level!!! Over 3million EOS has been transferred out

Detail to be reported, confirmed by security firm who’s auditing for Bithumb

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It was followed by other tweets, some of which provided details of the incident piece by piece.
It appears that the private key was stolen through Bithumb’s EOS account g4ydomrxhege, while the hacker’s address is ifguz3chmamg.
Wan then tweeted the stolen funds flow in more details, while also confirming that the aforementioned hacker’s address still holds 1.9 million of EOS.

It’s said their private key was stolen on its EOS account g4ydomrxhege

Hacker's is from ifguz3chmamg, that’s the address ALL EOS was transferred to, down stream exchanges with stolen fund are Huobi, HitBTC, WB, EXmo etc
With more updates numbers on stolen fund distribution (number of ) and the hacker’s address still holds 1.9Million

EXMO: 662,600
Huobi: 263,605
Changelly 143,511
KuCoin: 96,270
CoinSwitch: 38,725 DUMP

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As more info came in, she revealed that Bithumb’s XRP wallet (rLaHMvsPnPbiNQSjAgY8Tf8953jxQo4vnu) was also hacked and saw 20 million XRP or around $6,000 being transferred out.
Wan revised her previous tweet by saying that “only” Bithumb’s hot wallet that was hacked as the cold wallet still seems OK. That said, the total stolen fund still amounts $19,158,000 based on the price as of writing time.
It also seems like it’s already too late for EOS to freeze the funds as the hacker can be seen of liquidating the stolen EOS through ChangeNow, a crypto swap platform that doesn’t have KYC procedures.

This is just insane -

1. It’s the second major Bithumb hack so they literally learned NOTHING from last time

2. Why keeping $15m in a single wallet?? high amount withdraw needs lengthy verification anyway..

Will keep everybody posted with @chiachih_wu @evilcos
3. EOS won’t be able to freeze this time, or it’s now too late

4. Hacker has been disposing the stolen EOS via ChangeNow, a non-custodial crypto swap platform dose not require KYC/account

5. Bithumb is the only top Korean ex operator without a commercial banking partnership

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No confirmation can be found on Bithumb’s Twitter so far. However, a user spotted that the exchange actually posted several tweets regarding the hack a while ago, which apparently were deleted afterwards.

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