'After Bitcoin bear market, we see a bull market that is 10 times stronger'

'After Bitcoin bear market, we see a bull market that is 10 times stronger'

Ivan On Tech, a popular cryptocurrency analyst and educator with close to 200K subscribers on YouTube, is extremely confident there will be a new Bitcoin and cryptocurrency bull market. The Belarus-born programmer speculates based on historical performance that there will be a bull market that is 'ten times stronger'. 
In an interview with BloxLive TV, Ivan on Tech explains that from a technical perspective, the crypto space is stronger than ever. 'But the general sentiment is of course quite negative', Ivan admits. 'We have seen many unserious projects last year. We saw a few scams, we saw a lot of people getting hurt in the bubble we had last year. Which is by the way common for new technologies. You see it with the internet, you see it with trains, there is always a bubble when there is a new technology, because people are greedy and excited and they want to make easy money.'

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But the downside of this last bubble has dissapointed many people, Ivan thinks. 'Because we had the bubble last year many people got hurt, and many people got dissapointed, people from traditional industries. Executives who really wanted to try and do something within the blockchain space wanted to take their companies in a more blockchain-like direction. They wanted to do something, tried it out and they just saw how much madness was going on. Because it was really a wild, wild west last year.'

But as with every bear market, the market will stabilize and turn green again, like we saw this week with Bitcoin breaking the $5K mark. 'Looking at the fundamentals, it's only a question of time before the sentiment changes around', Ivan says. 'I have been in Bitcoin since 2013, and there is always a cycle of bull market and bear market. And after each bear market, we see a bull market that is ten times stronger. So I think it's just a question of time, it's a question of when people will come back, when will we reach new people and when will we deliver more.'

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