Crypto Twitter is bullish on Bitcoin; BTC to $5750 next?

One of the biggest indicators of the crypto market health (or even an imminent bull run) is often increased social media participation, more specifically the rise of sentiment, and right now Bitcoin sentiment is through the roof… So what is crypto Twitter saying about Bitcoin?
Crypto Twitter is bullish on Bitcoin; BTC to $5750 next?
Following Bitcoin’s (BTC) shortfall just under a week ago which saw the #1 tumble down below $4000, BTC has been on a mini-rally containing to strive, rising all the way up to $4100; and it doesn’t look set to stop any time soon.
This hasn’t gone unnoticed by the plethora of analysts, speculators, traders, and shitposters on Crypto Twitter, all of whom have come out to share their thoughts on the rise of the #1.
Just as there is no smoke without fire, there would be no hype with these guys, setting us up with a constant stream of hope (and the occasional shitpost):
Entrepreneur and investor Alistair Milne got involved in proceedings, lending us a little inside tip:
Anthony Pompliano a notable crypto enthusiast and partner at crypto hedge fund Morgan Creek Capital, cited some pretty bullish reasons to get excited:
This week in crypto:

1. Tagomi wins Bitlicense
2. Kraken launches security lab
3. Coinbase announces staking
4. Rakuten’s crypto exchange gets Japanese license
5. Arrington XRP Capital crosses $100M in assets
6. eToro acquires Firmo
7. Bitcoin still not dead :)


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And crypto Twitter influencer Michael Nye relayed that even his dad was feeling the pump:
Just had dinner with my parents and my Dad said to my Mom, "Honey, I want to buy Bitcoin."

I'm so proud right now. 😂

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Analysts & traders
Crypto twitter would be nothing without these guys calling the shots (or at least what they hope are the shots)
One analyst relayed a trading view chart along with the brief supposition that BTC would most likely see another dip below $4k before rising to around $5750 over the next few weeks…  
Elaborating somewhat on the previous sentiment, one analyst suggested that we were closing in on a key level of resistance; the very same that marked both the start of the infamous 2017 bull run and the one that has been keeping BTC down for the last 4 months:

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BIG TEST COMING for 👁️👁️👁️

✅ We are closing in on the 4,200 resistance level that kept bitcoin underwater for the last 4 months, AND marked the start of the 2017 bull rally. The next few days will be CRUCIAL (imo) for the short-term evolution of crypto.

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Another analyst posited that the bear market was finally over…
To which another seemed to agree:

Like I said before. bear pattern no longer valid (for me). Now we have a bullish setup. Lets see if we get a s/r flip or if it just cuts through.

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and then just when everything looked rosy, CNBC came in a jinxed the lot of us with this …
So consensus from near enough everyone is that we’re in a pretty prime position, now all there is to do is sit back and see if this fresh batch of hopium delivers…

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