Cryptopia are 50% through securing all coins; withdrawals still disabled

The long process of securing all 457 coins on the Cryptopia exchange, has finally reached its halfway point, with the firm announcing that they’re 50% of the way through the process of listing all coins to new private keys; but users are growing impatient, especially with the lack of a withdraw function…  
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Cryptopia has been (slowly) picking up the pieces from the notorious hack back in January, which left the exchange $16 million short on user funds. The exchange started rehabilitating in February, painstakingly securing each coin to a new wallet.
Today the exchange announced the official hallway point:
We are 50% through securing all 457 coins listed to new private keys. Please remember to cancel any unwanted open orders as markets are being re-enabled one by one, and please take the time to refresh your 2FA, API key and password if you haven't already.
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The exchange has tried to be as transparent as possible, relaying every major milestone along the way, enabling their API and opening trading for over 40 trade pairs.
However, for some, this isn’t quick enough, and users fear that the halfway point marks less progress and more pain.
It was 25% on 1/03, then 35% on 14/03 and now 50% on 4/04. With this speed kept, we can anticipate full-service mode in June.
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Most users were less concerned about trading functionally and more preoccupied with the lack of withdrawal which won't be available until new hot wallets are ready...
"please sir I beg you answer two questions:
1) when can I withdraw?
2) when moon?

Please sir, mi familia.

p.s. I was told there would be lambos?"
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I just need to withdraw all my coins. Work on activating so your customers can withdraw! All loosing out because of incompetence. Turn around time is so slow F*** slow. Should really be working around the clock! People are losing money!
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