Gmail users can now send a tip to people all over the world using XRP

It is now possible for Gmail users to send XRP all over the globe through MoneyMessage, a browser extension on Google Chrome that allows Google Mail users to pay for services or send tips to people all over the world.
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For Gmail users it is now easier than ever to send XRP all around the world, as a payment for services, or as a tip, through the MoneyMessage feature available on its platform.
'MoneyMessage is a browser extension which allows you to append money in the form of XRP and send it to any mail receiver', a message on the Chrome Web Store reads.
'A receiver doesn’t need an account or knowledge about Cryptocurrencies. The amount will be deposited in XRPTipBot which allows your receiver to withdraw at any time.'
The fact that MoneyMessage has introduced XRPTipBot is generating some excitement amongst the XRP community as they believe that this will help to boost the adoption of XRP.
officialy supports a extension made by to allow instant payments from gmail. It's a seamless experience, where users don't need to know anything new in order to fully benefit from this amazing technology. also offers xrp based p2p transfers.
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The XRPTipBot service has already been available for users of other social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Concord.
In March Chepicap reported that a Twitter user who goes by the name of @CandleBoxLaw proposed that tipping is one possible way to boost the value of the third most popular cryptocurrency.
He tweeted that XRP holders should tip those who do not have any XRP, if they want to boost its value.
XRP holders - If you want xrp to go up, start tipping people who do not have it. Use it for tipping and it will go up. Facts.
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Apparently the payment service hasn't yet reached huge popularity in the crypto space, however, now that it is part of Gmail's platform, that could change quickly.

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