Mixed results across the market today as Bitcoin just holds on to $4,100

Mixed results across the board today as Bitcoin manages to hold above $4,100. Several top earners stand out while a couple of projects see notable losses. 
Mixed results across the market today as Bitcoin just holds on to $4,100
Bitcoin has shown a marginal increase over the last 24 hours, trading 0.29% higher than yesterday. One BTC is now worth $4,104.04. Ethereum, XRP, EOS, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are all down less than 1%. Binance Coin is the biggest top ten earners, climbing 4.13% at the time of writing, now trading at $17.24.
Further down in the top 20, Tezos is one of the highest gaining coins across the market today as the project soars 17.16% to $1.07. It’s possible these gains could be carrying over from the Coinbase announcement made recently regarding the launch of the exchange’s institutional staking service, with Tezos being the first PoS network to have that function enabled on Coinbase. Additionally, the project just completed voting on the protocol proposal that will decide the upgrade of Tezos.
Dash has also shown some impressive gains over the last 24 hours, climbing just under 9% to $105.72. The overall winner is TTC Protocol, surging an impressive 45.85%. Coming in at second is Elastos with 34.28%. The market’s biggest loser is ABBC Coin, dropping just over 9%. Total market cap is sitting at $144.1 billion. 

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