Two Binance announcements: new fiat-crypto exchange and DEX close to launch

Two Binance announcements: new fiat-crypto exchange and DEX close to launch

Binance is in for another big month with the launch of both the DEX and a fiat-to-crypto exchange in Singapore. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao made the two announcements during the Deconomy 2019 conference in Seoul. 
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Binance opened the DEX for public testing in February already, and will launch the mainnet soon, CZ said. "Binance DEX anticipated mainnet launch will happen this month", the Twitter account of Binance cites the CEO during a talk on the conference. It's still unclear with which cryptocurrencies the DEX will start, but more announcements are expected throughout the month.
Next to that, Binance is about to open its third fiat-to-crypto exchange. After launching the Uganda (for UGX-crypto trading) and Jersey exchange, which allows 58 nationalities to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with Euro and British Pounds, the exchange will now open up shop in Singapore, enabling users to buy cryptocurrencies with the Singapore Dollar. It's not yet clear which cryptocurrencies will be listed on that fiat exchange.
On Wednesday, Binance announced that the first steps have been taken to enable staking on the Trust Wallet by integrating Tezos. 
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Binance Coin, the Binance native token, is currently trading for close to $20. On January 1, BNB was still valued at $6. 

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